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Hey I just joined. It all started with the wonderful chapstick and then I moved on to Milk & Honey body lotion.
Now I have two lip shimmers, a chapstick, herbal blemish stick and I just used the raspberry and brazil nut shampoo and conditioner and the citrus and ginger root body wash. Mmmm. Best shower of my life.

What else would you guys recommend?
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Yess, I was so happy when I was consumed by yummy smelling lather from the Citrus and Ginger root.

I really don't like eating tomatoes so I don't know how I would feel about using it on my body..hmm. I need some type of facial cleanser so I may try out the soap bark and chamomile cleanser, mm chamomile. Sounds good.

Thanks for the suggestions.
A friend got me the Willowbark and peach facial scrub and it's lovely. I also use the citrus scrub and lettuce facial soap. And their toners are nice too but they got rid of the lettuce one :(

The hand salve is good too, and the lemon body oil smells SO GOOD. Mmm.
I loove the lemon butter cuticle cream. It's rather inexpensive, especially considering it lasts a LONG time. It smells fabulous, and really works, as long as you remember to use it every night! (I always forget. Must get back into the habit!)
does the herbal blemish stick work?
It really did actually, I was quite suprised how fast my skin cleared up.